I'm Jacqueline

I broke up with bulimia by changing my thoughts.

The Core Pillars of Crushing Bulimia

Stop Self-Sabotage

You have to drop your negative thoughts at the door. Thinking negatively about yourself is never useful. Once you are willing to love yourself no matter what, you can begin your road to the life you want.

Understand Habits

Bulimia is just a habit. You must understand that binging and purging is NOT something horrible that you do. It is just a habit that your brain has gotten very efficient at playing out. Once you understand this, you can see bulimia for what it really is.

Interrupt your Loop

Now that you know bulimia is a habit, you can start to awaken to what your brain is doing on autopilot. And once you understand this, you can take back control with your higher brain and begin building new habits.

Get started on your path to new you

Check out my podcast for helpful stories and mental management advice! You can also download my "Drop the Self Judgment Course" which teaches people how to STOP WORRYING for good.


Dropping the unnecessary self hatred and non-constructive criticism is the number one step you must take in overcoming any challenge. You can download it here.


Once I stopped judging myself for being bulimic and realized I was just a human with a bad habit, everything changed.


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