How I help people change their lives.

Finding Happiness Again

Many clients are surprised to find that once we break the hold of bulimia, they are able to be present in their lives again. They start going out more, trying new things, starting their dreams up again. People here aren't just breaking up with bulimia, they are getting their lives back.

Ending Binging & Purging

Through habits, emotional awareness, and a little grit, I help clients stop binging and purging once and for all. Binging and purging can seem like it will never end.. a constant habit that keeps plaguing your life. I show clients they have a choice and how to make that choice so they never binge and purge again.

Eating like a "normal" person

"Normal" by whatever your definition is. I teach clients how to be that person who leaves ice cream in their freezer and forget about it. They learn how to leave food on their plate because they don't want it. They learn how to eat in a way that feels good to them minus all the food drama.

What do We Work On

Mindset Shift

Before you break your habit, you have to stop the mental beatdown. I help people get to the root of the issue and help them heal their abusive relationships with themselves. Once you have a healthy mindset, the rest is easy.

Breaking Habits

Did you know bulimia and binge eating is just a habit? I teach women what habits are, why bulimia is such an addictive habit spiral, and how to break it through awareness and taking advantage of neuroplasticity.

Body Balance

Your body can be up and down with bulimia, not just on the scale. I help clients regain normalcy with their bodies and love for themselves again. We work on normal eating patterns, body neutrality, and healthy exercise to help with irregularities bulimia can cause.

What's Included

One-on-One Coaching

Individualized coaching from me,
one-on-one, every week, to help you break free from binging and purging and leave disordered eating behind. Each week we will discuss what went well, what didn't, and how we can keep pushing forward.

Guided Expertise

Not only have I been in your shoes, I've done the research. I take a science driven approach to my coaching, utilizing proven neuroscience concepts and effective psychology theories. This allows my clients to achieve freedom from disordered eating and beyond.

Guided Program

In addition to weekly coaching, you will be given access to the Binge Breakers Recovery Course. This includes 60+ video modules that show you my exact roadmap to bulimia recovery and how I did it without treatment. You will also have access to our private Facebook community.

Work With Me

You are ready to work with me if:

You are committed to changing your life

I only work with people who are ready to go ALL IN. For this program to change your life, you have to be committed, ready to adapt, and willing to put in the work. It is only when you are ready to alter your life that it changes in unbelievably fantastic ways.

You are willing
to learn and have an open mind

You must be willing to learn new things and keep an open mind. When being introduced to novel concepts, it's natural to want to just go back to our old way of thinking. You have to be willing to try a new approach to leave disordered eating in the dust.

You are willing
to give up restrictive dieting

Restrictive, unhealthy, and unrealistic dieting is not serving you. It is HOLDING YOU BACK. I will teach your how to lose weight in a healthy, realistic way that you'll love. But you first have to be willing to leave restrictive dieting behind you.

What I don't teach:

  • - That you will always be "in recovery"
  • - Restrictive Diets/Crash Diets
  • - Shaming yourself into being thin
  • - Over Exercising to Compensate
  • - Only Eating One Food Group
  • - That you will only be happy once you are at your weight loss goal or free from binge eating
  • - Replacing habits with other habits

Ready to Change Your Life?

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Coaching Cost

Group Coaching

$197 - Monthly
Weekly Group Coaching + Private Podcast + Digital Course Membership

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6 Month Private Coaching

$5,000.00 - Weekly Coaching +
Daily Texts & Support +
+ Digital Course Membership

Ready to Change Your Life?

I was you.

My battle with bulimia felt hopeless. I never thought I could get out of it and I thought I might end up dead. The thoughts that commonly rolled around in my head were:

"You are disgusting. You are insane. Why can't you get your shit together? Worthless.."

But what I didn't know then that I know now is that I needed to STOP judging myself and understand that my brain had just built a very strong neural pathway designed to automate binging & purging.
I was not crazy.

Once you start to look at yourself with compassion and learn how to break habits effectively, you can become unstoppable with much more than just food. This is exactly what I teach in within my private coaching program.