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By The End of This Journey

you will have:

- A fully comprehensive understanding of WHY you are binging and purging, what your habit cycle is, what your triggers, cues, responses, and rewards are.

- A mastery of how to sit through your urges and experience your emotions without acting on them, ultimately allowing you to break the habit of binging and purging.

A deeper ability to manage your mind around you, your weight, and food without all the drama.An improved relationship and trust between you and yourself.

- A new found love for the life in which you are currently live in that doesn't include bulimia.

Purchase this Course!

Please note that each course is a monthly membership. Excluding the "Client Access Course", you will pay an initial payment of the prices shown below for the 1st month of your membership and then $60 USD each month you decide to stay in the course. This is because the course is constantly being updated with new content weekly!

A message from me...

After battling with bulimia for 4+ years and struggling with dieting and weight obsession for much longer, I saw how crippling it was in my own life. I never want anyone to feel that way again. That's why I've poured my heart and soul into this course to make sure your journey is shorter and not as painful as mine.

A Sneak Peak
Inside the Course!

The course includes over 30 video modules recorded by me, taking you through each lesson. Each video will have a worksheet attached to it which will help you take these concepts even deeper.

...and there are more modules than these...

Bonuses & Extras


Since the course will be constantly updated monthly with more and more content with each month, the course will be a monthly membership payment. You will first pay a higher upfront fee to join the course, and then you will only have to pay a lower recurring fee each month you stay in the course.

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$297 1st month payment
$60 Recurring monthly payment after 1st month

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