A NEW 8-Week Intensive Group Program Is Here

This program will help you stop binge eating by teaching you to...

Eat enough & eat consistently.
Feel your feelings. 
Think and act intentionally vs reactively.


Our next group starts July 2nd. Enrollment is Open Now. Space is limited.

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This isn’t another webinar Zoom group program *yawn* where you drop off 2 weeks in.

This is an intense, limited capacity, hands-on, week-by-week structured 8-week program tailored to help you stop binging and purging, eat normally, and keep your progress.

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What is included?

8 Week Step-By-Step Program

In 8 weeks you will learn how to stop binging and purging, how to eat in a way that works for you, and exactly how you did that so you can continue the results you achieve with confidence and trust in yourself.

No Person Left Behind Policy

You will have weekly check-ins from me and the group via email and group calls. Every person will be expected to check in at least once and  if I don’t hear from you, I will reach out to you. This will not be a group program where you drop off and become invisible.

You’ll Always Know What You’re Supposed To Do

You’ll be given an extremely detailed weekly outline of the next 8 weeks, including weekly action items, goals, and what to expect. You’ll also have objectives from the group calls and weekly emails to keep you going throughout the program.

Wisdom From Lived Experience, Past Clients, & Research

The tools I’m giving you to recover are not just things I’ve gotten from a book, advice I’ve heard from other people, or what sounds good. It’s real wisdom from real people who have lived it and proven scientific theories. Not just one of the other.


Cozy, Talk about Real Shit, Group Calls

 2 Group calls per week where I’m not just preaching to you. Where you talk to other humans and me like the people we are. Where you get hope, inspiration, and direction.

$800 for 8 weeks/$100 a week

Payment Plans will be available. This program will be the closest it can be to private coaching while making it as affordable as possible. If you can afford $100 extra per week, I can promise you a transformative, hands on, deeply persnal experience unlike any other group program.

Simple Video Course & Downloadable Journal

I’ve broken down everything you need to know into 10 videos and 1 Amazing Downloadble Journal. You’ll also have access to the entire archive of all my original courses if you feel a little… bingey ;)

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About Me

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I’m Jacqueline and I’m a recovered binge eater and bulimic. I used to do things like fall asleep after eating heaping bowls of weird food like raw oats and chia seeds, binge and purge in grocery store bathrooms before 8 am, and spray cleaning products on food to keep myself from eating it back out of the trash.

I get what it’s like.

Now, I help people (and continue to help myself) not do things like that and have “normal” eating habits that work for them.

Curious to learn more? Dive into my podcast or book a consult with me.

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