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This will be an awesome opportunity to be coached, see what working with me will be like, and ask any questions you have. Talk to you soon!


I am a coach. Not a doctor, therapist, or any other medical professional. I cannot diagnose conditions or prescribe treatments. If you think you need more advanced help, such as therapy, ED treatment, or you are a risk to your own health, please seek it immediately. Examples of subjects you should seek more advanced treatment for: Suicidal thoughts or risks. Malnourishment. Depression. Recent or past trauma.

What do I help people with if I’m not a medical professional?:
I help people change their behaviors, habits, and thoughts. Commonly, I work with people that have been through therapy and treatments and are at a point in their life where they feel functional and well enough to make their own decisions. Yet, they are still hanging on to bulimia. They are not in any immediate health danger and they just need help navigating giving up the bulimia behaviors. That is where I come in. I teach people to live normally without binging and purging. How to eat normally. How to live with daily stressed without coping with bulimia. I do not and cannot treat depression, suicide risks, weight restoration, or any other medical condition.